Vegan Options at Vancouver’s Food Cart Festival

Market Bowl - JJ's Trucketeria Van-burger Veggie Burger - Kaboom Box
Vancouver has an awesome street food scene. I’m lucky to work downtown in its epicentre and often grab lunch from the nearby carts. I also live next door to the newly located Food Cart Festival, which will be held every Sunday during the summer between the Olympic Village and the Cambie Bridge.

I went today to check out their new location and the food. I’m happy to report that almost every truck had vegetarian options and five had vegan options. The carts will likely change on a weekly basis, but here were the vegan options today.

JJ's TrucketeriaJJ’s Trucketeria – Market Bowl. $5.00. Brown rice, loads of fresh, seasonal vegetables, and a spicy sauce.
The Kaboom Box IIThe Kaboom Box II – Van-Burger Veggie Burger. $8.00. Home-made soy-free veggie burger with mushrooms, oats, rice, and seeds. Ask for it without mayo.
Ze BiteZe Bite – Moroccan Curry. $9.00. Chickpeas, tomato, spices on couscous.
MoguMogu – Kabocha Korokke. $8.00. Japanese deep-fried squash burger with avocado.
The Juice TruckThe Juice Truck – Cold-Pressed Juices and Smoothies. $7.00-$10.00. Try the Spicy Apple with ginger and cayenne.

There’s still a few logistical problems they need to work out. I expected lineups for the food carts, not to get in. After the first 100 people trickled in, I think they figured out how to get people in a quicker. They also need a few bike racks. Their location is great for picking up seawall traffic, but half of that traffic is on wheels.
Food Cart Fest Lineup Lack of Bike Parking


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