Graze Restaurant Review

Graze Perogies
I had really high expectations for Graze – a completely vegan, upscale restaurant that opened in Vancouver a few months ago. There is a lot to like – the service is excellent, the atmosphere is relaxed, the portions are huge, and the prices are reasonable. The downside? I found their take on comfort food to be uncomfortably heavy, and my wife got sick afterwards from what she thinks was bad fiddleheads.

Graze TartBetween four of us, we ordered a tart, ravioili, two orders of the perogies, and a dip board to start. The dips were all a bit dry and hard to spread. The entrees were good but rich and very dense. Maybe that’s what comfort food is supposed to be, but I could have used some fresh vegetables.

The perogies were my highlight. I’ve searched long and hard for vegan perogies and these were excellent. Although after 10 dense perogies smothered in a rich cheeze sauce I was ready to burst, so I never got a chance to try any of the desserts.

I want to go back and give them another try, although my wife can’t forget the bad fiddleheads. I think part of the problem was what we ordered. If we replaced one of the entrees with a salad we would probably have been ok. I noticed the new Meatless Monday fixed price menu options are a lot more balanced.
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4 thoughts on “Graze Restaurant Review”

  1. CanadianVeggie! Sorry to hear your wife had an unpleasant encounter with our fiddleheads! Could we entice you both back with a pair of tickets for our wine & food pairing night on Monday, August 12th?


  2. This is the best place I have ever eaten at by a long shot. I’ve been vegan a long long time and so has my wife. We’ve been to most of the vegan restaurants in europe and most of the states and this destroys them all. I want to eat their every day of the week.


  3. It’s our one year anniversary at Graze next week, and a lot has changed! We’d love to send you complimentary passes for our cocktail social & summer menu launch, to come and try us out again. Thursday, May 15th 5pm-7pm.

    Is there a good mailing address for you? You can email us at


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