Greater Vancouver Hike – Cypress Falls

Dates: July 6, 2008 and October 14, 2013

Location: West Vancouver (map)

Description: Cypress Falls is a great spot to get lost in the woods. Towering cedar and fir trees reach for the sky and Cypress Creek rumbles along the ground in a series of small waterfalls. The hike up from the parking lot to the upper falls is quick, but there are a number of side trails to explore. We covered most of them in 90 minutes and less than 5 km of hiking. Here’s a GPS map and elevation profile of our hike.

It’s not a strenuous workout and there are no epic views, but Cypress Falls is a great spot for a light, relaxing hike. I noticed the the trail is popular with young families, dog walkers, and trail runners. It’s also a good hike in the spring and fall, as it’s snow-free almost all year.

More trail descriptions here and here.

Total Time: 90 minutes if you take your time and explore all the side trails.

Transportation: The trail starts at a parking lot on Woodgreen Place, just off of Woodgreen Drive one block past Woodcrest Road but before you get to Woodgreen Crescent (not kidding). Make sure you look at the map before you go. The 253 Caulfield bus will take you right to the trail head.

Pictures: Cypress Falls 2008 and Cypress Falls 2013
Growth Rings Warning - Danger! Cypress Falls Hikers Tree Tops Christina Cypress Falls Hiking Cypress Falls Cypress Creek Still Creek Trees Cypress Falls Bridge Living in a Log

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