Are 15% of British Columbians Vegetarian?

Museum of CommunismInsights West recently released data from a poll on the treatment of animals. The headline result was that 88% of respondents were against trophy hunting – hopefully a wake up call to the government which still supports it. However, the surprising result for me was that only 85% of British Columbians were in favour of “eating animals”. Usually vegetarianism in Canada is estimated at around 5% of the population. Either BC has a much higher percentage of vegetarians than the rest of Canada or some people who eat meat don’t realize it comes from animals.


  1. Well, uh here in Alberta an elegant meal includes …bison. The chain grocery stores have a freakin’ amount of beef, pork and chicken.

    There are vegetarian restaurants in Calgary, you just have to read the menu before going there. A few are only veggie..


  2. There are more vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Vancouver, BC than many other cities in the world. While there are a few that closed down, there’s a new one that recently opened up in downtown Vancouver called Fynfood.


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