Oh She Glows Cookbook

Oh She Glows Cookbook
Honestly, we didn’t need another vegetarian cookbook. Emily and I already have 14 cookbooks that rarely get used. When we need a recipe, we have one go-to source and it’s not Google or any cookbook. The best place to find good vegan recipes is the oh she glows website. Run by one woman in Ontario, Angela Liddon, it’s quickly become the most popular vegan website on the internet. And for good reasons. She makes the most creative, best tasting vegan meals anywhere. I’ve cooked close to a hundred meals from recipes on her site, and I’ve yet to find a dud.

After 5 years of blogging, she finally published a cookbook. We ordered it without reading a single review. We knew it would be amazing. We also owed her. Most of the best food we’ve cooked and eaten in the past few years has come from recipes on her website. It’s tough to repay that.

So far we’ve only made a handful of recipes from the cookbook, but they’ve been excellent. I made the Marinated Italian Mushrooms last week and Emily combined the Life-Affirming Warm Nacho Dip with the Taco Fiesta Potato Crisps to create an scrumptious casserole. Of the 100+ recipes in the book, 75 are exclusive to the cookbook and the rest are improved favourites from her blog. There’s a lot to like about Angela’s cooking. It’s all vegan; she uses hardly any soy or processed ingredients; and the recipes are complex without being complicated.

I’m happy to see that her cookbook has been successful. Right now, on both Amazon and Chapters-Indigo, not only is it the best selling cookbook, it is the bestselling book. Yes, book. A vegan cookbook is outselling Nora Roberts, Chris Hadfield, and the Game of Thrones! It’s a well-deserved honour for Angela.

Here’s a sampling of recipes that we’ve made recently from oh she glows:

Raw Chocolate Almond Breakfast Parfait Vegan Thai Mexican Casserole and Salad Brownie Cake


  1. Made the Chana Masala tonight for dinner and it was delicious! The Green Detox Soup is in fridge for lunches this week. I thought I didn’t need one more either, but I am glad I talked myself out of it 🙂


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