Dark Table Restaurant Review

Eating at Dark Table was probably the most unique dining experience I’ve ever had. The food was really good but it was the setting that made dinner special – complete darkness. It’s amazing how lack of sight changes how you experience food. My sense of taste wasn’t super-enhanced, but it made exploring what was on my plate more of an adventure.

Our server, Albert, was awesome – ensuring we had everything and talking us through the meal. He’s blind, as are most of the wait staff. The Dark Table menu doesn’t specifically mention it, but you can order a vegan or vegetarian surprise. If you order a drink, I recommend something in a bottom-heavy glass. I knocked my glass of wine over midway through the meal – and I have no idea what kind of mess it created.

I highly recommended Dark Table. I don’t want to spoil the experience with too many details. Go check it out for yourself.
Dark Table on Urbanspoon

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