Modo 8k – Beautiful Day for a Run

I ran my first race of the year this morning. The Modo Spring Run-Off 8k, a beautiful loop around Stanley Park. It was a perfect day for running. A little brisk, but the sun was glorious.

I’m really happy with my time. My goal was to finish under 32 minutes but I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I finished in 31:12, good enough for 7th in my age category and 53rd overall. Much faster than the only other 8 KM race I’ve done, the inaugural Spring Run-Off in 2007. That year it took me 33:48 to run 8 km (2.5 minutes slower), but somehow I finished 2nd in my age category (oh to be under 25 again) and got a free pair of shoes. No prizes this time, just the satisfaction of running a PB.

Most of the race felt really good. I was relaxed, I had an amazing view from the seawall, and my legs felt good. But the last kilometre almost killed me. It was uphill, I had a cramp, my running form collapsed, and my energy levels were failing. It was the only part of the race where people passed me. It’s a good reminder that I need to do more hill training. I’d like to have that finish back, but I still held on to cross the line ahead of young phenom who was on my tail. It’s a small moral victory that I’m faster than a 14 year old girl, but I’ll take it. I puked at the finish line, but that’s pretty much standard procedure for me when I race hard.

Next up, the BMO Half Marathon on May 4th. I need to put in some more distance and work on my speed before then, but otherwise I think I’m on track.

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