Cycling the Sea to Sky Highway

Sea 2 Sky Cycling
I can’t believe how many people cycle along the narrow shoulders of the Sea-to-Sky highway. A foam helmet and a narrow rumble strip seem inadequate for protection from the cars passing at 100 km/h. Plus the shoulders are littered with rocks and tire-puncturing debris (you see a lot of cyclists patching flats). There’s obviously a demand for long distance cycling in BC, the thousands who ride the Gran Fondo from Vancouver to Whistler every year are evidence enough of that. Too bad the infrastructure sucks.

I’ve never gotten into long-distance cycling (something about the tight shorts and expensive bikes). The longest ride I’ve logged on Strava is 8.7 km, although I’m sure I’ve gone farther than that. If there were separated bike routes, like they have in Europe, I would be tempted to give it a go. Until then, I’ll stick with biking for commuting and running for recreation.

One comment

  1. We had such a lost opportunity when the Sea to Sky got widened. The made the shoulder better but they could have made a protected bike path next to it for very little extra cost. There was money for the Olympics flowing, there could have been a case made that it would be in keeping with the spirit of Sport and all that. It’s not like a flat are where you can just cycle parallel to the main road on a quiet country road or service road. There is no other option.


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