A Week at the Ponderosa

Family Photo

It was great spending a week with my parents at their off-the-grid home in Manitoba (read their homesteading blog). It was the first visit for Astrid and Emily’s first time being there in the summer (I think she prefers the mosquitoes to the -40 C and snow). The house is still under construction, but is looking great. Since Christmas, they’ve added gorgeous wood railings that my dad made (you can imagine how much work it is to sand and install all those spindles) and cork flooring on the main floor.

Handmade wood railings
Now there is lots of room for kids to play.
And still plenty of hiding spots for a game of sardines.

We were there for my Baba’s funeral, but it was a great chance for Astrid to meet all of her cousins, aunts, and uncles for the first time, and spend more time with Baba and Dido.

Family Sing Along


Playing with the baby
Astrid and Hanna

Proud Grandparents Dido and Astrid Baba Time Trevor and Astrid Sheila and Astrid Kerry and Astrid 1st Piggy Back Ride Larry, Darlene and Astrid Sheryl and Astrid Katie and Astrid Rhoneil and Astrid Ponderosa Bath Time Veggie Baby

Huggy Wuggy Wugs

More pictures on Flickr.

Canola Fields


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