10 Days in Ontario

Cow at the end of the Rainbow
After our week in Manitoba, we flew to London (Ontario) for Leanne and Andrew’s wedding, and then took the train to Toronto to visit family and friends there. Astrid travelled really well and had no problem sleeping in different beds. She didn’t like the heat when we arrived in London (over 30 C) but other than that she did really well with all the change.

Wedding Party Leanne and Andrew had a lovely wedding surrounded by towering trees. Emily was a bridesmaid, so I was a single parent for long stretches. It gave me new respect for all the hard work Emily does while I’m at work. Keeping her fed, entertained, and clean with only two hands can be a challenge.

Bridesmaids and Bride

Wedding babies

The trip represented a lot of firsts for Astrid – the first train ride, first meal at a restaurant (we were nervous, and she had a freak out at the end, but she did well enough that we took her to another 5 sit down restaurants), first night sleeping in a crib, and her first shower. We didn’t know how she would nap without her swing or be entertained without her toys, but we improvised and learned a few new tricks along the way.

Train Ride
1st Train
1st Brewpub
1st Brewpub
1st Mobile Time
1st Crib
1st Fancy Dinner
1st Fancy Dinner
Wedding Dress
1st Party Dress

And Astrid got to meet a lot of special people for the first time.

Leanne Meets Astrid

Dad Training

Missy and Astrid Astrid's Ladies Dinner

Fur Baby and Human Baby Aunt Beams

Sean and Astrid Bev and Astrid

Ice Cream Time

Three months old was a good age for her to travel. She wasn’t in a set schedule, so the constant disruption wasn’t too stressful, and she was usually happy and smiley with all the new people she was meeting.

More pictures on Flickr of London and Toronto.

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