Astrid Self-Recognition Experiment

When did our sweet little girl stop being a baby and become the cute toddler she is today? If you ask Astrid, it was around 11 months old.

When we’re looking at old photos, sometimes she correctly identifies herself and sometimes all she sees is a baby. I was curious when the shift from “baby” to “Astrid” happened. So I devised an experiment.

I took 50 photos in an album and asked Astrid to identify who was in them. 25 photos were of Astrid and 25 photos were of animals, relatives, and other babies.

The photos were in a random order but here are the sorted results:

So Small Bunny Hug Astrid Kale Chewing on her spoon
Astrid – 1 month Baby – 2 months Baby – 3 months Baby – 4 months Baby – 5 months
6 Months Old Diaper Pile Big Baby 8 Months Spring daffodils
Baby – 6 months Baby – 7 months Baby – 7.5 months Baby – 8 months Astrid – 9 months
Zoom Zoom Future Artist That shirt is too big Garden Chair Astrid at Kits Beach
Baby – 10 months Astrid – 11 months Baby – 12 months Astrid – 13 months Astrid – 14 months
Pigtails Southlands Heritage Farm Chef Astrid Chef Astrid Snowshoeing with Astrid
Baby – 15 months Astrid – 16 months Astrid – 17 months Astrid – 18 months Astrid – 19 months
Repair Work Wild Hair Cardboard Fort Cutie Making Apple Crisp
Astrid – 20 months Astrid – 21 months Astrid – 22 months Astrid – 23 months Astrid – 24 months

So, around 9-11 months old she gets pretty good at identifying herself. I’d have to agree this is the point where she looks more like a child and less like a baby. I’m not sure how she identified the 1 month old photo of herself (luck I guess).

It was fun going through the photos with her. In the 2-month and 5-month photos she recognized her bunny and spoon and seemed surprised that some other baby had them. The only false positive was this photo which she thought was herself but is actually me at 18 months old.

Full album:

Diaper Pile

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