Happy Parents

Is it necessary? Is it nice?

Those are the two questions mom asks me whenever I feel like being provocative. She’s always been a peacekeeper and a teacher. I always try to keep her lessons in mind.

This might sound like an obituary. My mom isn’t dead. Not yet. I’m writing this now because I want her to read this before she passes on to the next part of her journey – another reincarnated life as she works to improve her karma and reach a higher plane.

Only Tree on Santa Ana

My mom thinks she has bad karma she needs to deal with. I guess we all do. But it’s hard to imagine someone more compassionate and caring than my mom. She is always trying to improve herself and be a good example for those around her.

Baba Story Time

My love of reading came from my mom. When we were little, she would read to us every night – often until we fell asleep. When I was older and could read for myself, I fondly remember reading the Hobbit with her. We took turns reading aloud at night. It was the biggest book I had ever read and I fell in love with fantasy with her by my side. The Lord of the Rings movie was probably the most anticipated movie of my lifetime. Even though I was an adult in university, I didn’t go see it with my friends. I waited until Christmas and went to see it with my mom. It was probably a bit too violent for her but I do remember both walking out of that theatre with giant smiles on our faces.

Head Perogy Chef

My love of of good food came from my mom. Dad was the reason we were vegetarian and was militant about it. But mom was in charge of the cooking. Every summer we always had a huge garden full of fresh vegetables. As kids we never fully appreciated the variety and heartiness of the cooking she did for us, but I do now. She set us up for a healthy relationship with food and taught us all to cook. At 12 years old, I had to start cooking dinner for the family 1 day a week. I struggled to make rice in the beginning but I slowly learned to make perogies, mac n’ cheese, and a few other staples.

Science Fair Grade 3

My parents were environmentalists and vegetarians in Winnipeg well before it was cool. We recycled when you had to pay extra to have someone pick up your paper and aluminum. We used reusable cloth bags before it became news that plastics were piling up in our oceans. We had composting worms to eat our food scraps. I’m an environmentalist today because my mom taught me to look after the planet and care about the future.

Parents in VanDusen Botanical Gardens

I was lucky to have two great parents growing up. Both of them pushed me to be better and taught me so much. More than that they lead by example. And now I’m trying to do the same for my daughter. Raising a smart and compassionate young woman is going to be harder now without a strong Baba in her life to look up to, but I promise to do my best to pass on all the things you’ve taught me to Astrid. And I promise she will never forget you and all the time you’ve spent with her.

Mom, I needed to write this. I hope you think it was nice. I hope you have a beautiful next life.

Baba and Astrid Enjoy the Ponderosa


  1. Dear Christopher and family, Thinking of you all at this difficult time. I met your mom 33 years ago she was the leader of our stay at home moms group. We quickly became friends and she helped me relax in the mother role as she could whip up an amazing meal with Kelsey on her hip. I had my first taste of tofu from her about 1988.

    We had many great visits and dinners together over the years.

    We texted a few times lately until she simply became too tired I’m sure.

    Take good care of each other.



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  2. Our heart breaks that you and your family are going through this difficult time. We were always so proud to talk about our family members who were environmentalists and living their most healthiest lifestyle. Ken and I always looked forward to a meal at her house. The hot holiday trips with Ken and Darlene were always something we looked forward to every winter. Ken was more than thrilled to help and explore ways which best suited their lifestyle to meet their dream of living off the grid. You and your siblings are blessed to have such amazing remodels. Thank you for sharing your story and know that your courage will see you through.
    Sending much love from Ken and Angie xo


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