Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 featured social distancing, face masks, and candy chutes. Astrid finally succumbed to princess-fever and dressed up as Elsa for Halloween this year.

Halloween Cancelled

Our building normally gets hundreds of kids but this year we barred the gates and only allowed the resident children to trick-or-treat in our small, spooky courtyard.

Courtyard Halloween

I was really happy with how our decorations turned out this year.


We made a graveyard with painted cardboard boxes that Astrid and the neighbours decorated.

Spooky House

And we made a spooky face in our window from a garbage bag and some construction paper.

Candy Kills

We just left our candy out with a little skeleton to guard it, but I was really impressed with all the candy chutes our neighbours built.

Candy Chute Pumpkin Candy Chute Racing Candy Plinko Candy

There were tubes, race car tracks, and plinko boards.


We ended the night with fireworks. They were fun to watch, but I’m glad that they will be banned starting next year. The fireworks were non-stop all over Vancouver from 6pm until the wee hours of the morning. The city was filled with smoke all night long causing air quality issues.

More Halloween 2020 photos.

Elsa Princess

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