3 Nights on the Sunshine Coast 2021

Beach Walk

To cap off our summer, we spent 3 nights glamping on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We were supposed to go camping near Christina Lake, but we cancelled last minute because of the wildfire smoke and travel advisory that was issued due to the huge increase in COVID-19 cases in the Interior.

RV Trailer

We stayed in a tent trailer near Halfmoon Bay on the Tiny Secrets Farm and Retreat. It was rustic compared to a hotel, but more luxurious than a tent. The trailer had a heater and two big beds with real mattresses, and I definitely slept better than any camping trip. The Tiny Secrets property has some trails and cute art scattered around that Astrid loved discovering. The resident artist was really friendly and even collaborated on an art piece that Astrid got to bring home.

Little Chairs

Mairy and Martha were also staying on the Sunshine Coast (near Sechelt) and we met up with them to eat dinner, roast marshmallows, paddle in Porpoise Bay, and hike in the woods.

Roasting Marshmallows

The highlight of the trip was paddling in Porpoise Bay (with rentals from Pedals and Paddles), and seeing the huge array of wildlife. 2 years ago we only saw a single starfish after a wasting disease decimated the BC population. Thankfully their numbers are starting to rebound. We also saw a seal, sea cucumbers, and jellyfish, which were magical to watch as the pulsed around our canoe and kayak.

Porpoise Bay Canoe

We did a number of small hikes exploring the forests and coastline. Big Tree and Hidden Groves had massive trees to enjoy.

Big Trees

Smuggler Cove and Sargeant Bay had beautiful coastline with starfish and driftwood.

Smuggler Cove
Photo Credit: Astrid Beam Porter

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