Ponderosa 2021

Group Photo

We spent the last week of August in Manitoba with my family. This was the first Porter get-together since my mom passed away. Her absence was certainly felt (especially her calming influence and amazing cooking), but we did our best to fill that hole.

Family Gathering

Certain topics were taboo and caused heated conversation when they did come up – like politics, COVID, vaccines, eating meat, and the curvature of the earth. But we survived a week without killing each other and had a lot of fun.

The highlights were:

Manitoba Bison

A visit to Minnedosa to see the bison and enjoy the awesome park (this might be my favourite small town in Manitoba);

We're Lost in the Reeds

Canoeing on the lake and getting stuck in the reeds;

Kensi and Astrid

Hiking in Riding Mountain National Park along Clear Lake;


Playing so many games, including bocce, cribbage, crokinole, chess, Coup, mafia, and poker;

Cinnamon Buns

Eating all the yummy food, including Katie’s homemade cinnamon buns;

Muddy Puddles
Video here

And watching the cousins go wild and discover their inner farm kid.

Evening Bonfire

More photos

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