Spellie is 3 Weeks Old

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 3 weeks since we released Spellie to the world. David and I continue to make tweaks to the game. In the past 2 weeks, we’ve added new features and usability improvements, including:

  • Smarter hinting system
  • Ability to reset the puzzle so a friend or sibling can replay it
  • More fun when collecting emojis, with crisper Twemojis and notifications
  • About page with instructions on how to play
  • Larger text and a smarter layout, especially on phones and tablets
  • Support for older browsers, like Mobile Safari 12
  • First letter freebies for 4-letter medium puzzles
  • Better keyboard navigation

Full release notes


Spellie has seen consistent and steady user growth as word has spread

Spellie is 100% free from advertising and ad-trackers (which you can verify with Blacklight), but we do collect anonymized event data. This lets us figure out how many unique users we have, see which features are being used, detect bugs, and most importantly, it gives me a lot of charts to nerd out on. Yesterday we had over 10,000 individual users from 53 countries completing 26,000 puzzles 🎉.

Shout Outs

It has been gratifying to see the steady growth as the word spreads. We love hearing from parents, teachers, and kids from around the world 😍.

If you want more updates on Spellie, be sure to follow us on Twitter @SpellieGame.

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