Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Astrid had a successful Easter egg hunt this morning. This year she had to read some of the clue words on her own.

Easter Clues

It took her 1.5 hours to finish. She got stuck on some of the wordplay clues but did a great job figuring things out. Now she is happy to eat all of her treats.

New Easter Doll

She also got a beautiful new doll From Muddy Water from her auntie.

First Clue
Easter clue
In the strawberry plant
In the dryer
In the fridge
Under the bed
Final Easter Surprise

The full set of clues:

“Hoppy Easter”
The clue bunny said
Are you asleep
In this round bed?

Eat chocolate, relax
This is not a race
And when you are done
Go and wash your face

Spring-time plants
Helped by garden fairies
Go find some fruit
Maybe red berries

The eggs are heavy
And maybe smelly
Go put them in
A bag for your belly

Where to next?
Time to go higher
Where wet clothes
Go to get dryer

See this clue
For egg number six
Can you go find
Peas for chicks

Take a break
Sit on a mat
Read a book
With Pete the Cat

Was that too easy
Or was it not?
Can you crawl
in this hiding spot?

Go and see
In cat food bins
That a timer reveals
When it spins

The Works Easter

In the afternoon, we had a more of a traditional free-for-all hunt with our neighbours in the courtyard.

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