Taking the Train to Everett, WA

40th Birthday Surprise Trip

Emily surprised me with a weekend in Everett, WA for my birthday. This might not be a destination on most people’s radar (and that includes me before this trip), but it was a perfect spot for a family-friendly holiday.

Boarding the Train for Destinations Unknown
Train View

We took the Amtrak Cascades train, which is way more relaxing than any car ride. The seats are comfortable and roomy, there is decent wifi, the views are beautiful, and you can walk around and enjoy the dining car.

Funko Star Wars

Everett has a cute, walkable downtown that is home to Funko HQ – the company that makes the bobblehead collectible figurines. Their store is seriously impressive with all kinds of giant action figures to take pictures with.

Imagine Children's Museum
Kinetic sand with relief colouring projected

We spent over 3 hours at the Imagine Children’s Museum and would have probably stayed longer if they didn’t close at 4. Astrid had fun with all the play structures, interactive exhibits, and maker studio. I think Emily and I had just as much fun climbing through the tree fort, making stop-motion videos, and playing at the fascinating kinetic sand table that had projected vegetation and volcanoes – when they started erupting you could shape where the lava flowed.

Trampoline Park
Climbing Together

The Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park was another outstanding experience that Emily and I enjoyed just as much as Astrid. The trampolines, climbing walls, foam pits, and obstacle course were an adrenaline-packed adventure. The only downside was the trampoline park is located in suburbia, surrounded by giant parking lots, big box stores, and stroads – so not the easiest place to get to by public transit.

Mukilteo Beach

We took the bus down to Mukilteo Park one evening to check out the lighthouse and the beach. Unfortunately, it was cloudy so we didn’t get an epic sunset, but it was still a beautiful area to explore.

Bus For Bikes

Getting around by public transit was pretty easy most of the time. You can buy Orca cards at the train station, and children and youth are free. Unfortunately, most of the bus routes stop ridiculously early (6 pm!), so we had to rely on Uber a few times.

All Aboard

I’m really happy we got to explore Everett. It’s a great place to spend a weekend. And a nice train ride from Vancouver.

More photos and videos.

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