A Nearly Car-Free Trip to Victoria


We spent the Family Day long weekend on Vancouver Island seeing some of our favourite friends in Nanaimo and Victoria. It was a multi-modal adventure involving buses, trains, ferries, bikes, and car-share vehicles.

Bus Line at the Ferry Terminal

Getting from Vancouver to Victoria has always been an easy car-free trip on public transit. Now, with Modo and Evo both having vehicles in Victoria, it’s extra convenient because you can access a vehicle when you really need one.

Nanaimo Visit

We mostly relied on public transit to get around Victoria, but we booked a Modo one day and drove up to Nanaimo to visit some family friends.

Malahat Skywalk

On the way back we stopped at the breathtaking Malahat Skywalk (unfortunately not transit accessible).

Malahat Skywalk

Astrid had a blast walking across the netting and riding the giant slide down to the bottom.

Family Bike Ride

My highlight was borrowing some bikes and going for a family ride along Victoria’s impressive network of separated bike lanes. Taking a 6-year-old on a 4 km bike ride through an unfamiliar city isn’t something we’d normally consider. But Victoria has built some truly AAA (all-ages-and-abilities) bike routes, and we never feared that a car would take the kids out.

Galloping Goose Trail

Victoria also has an extensive trail network for walking, running, and biking. I explored parts of the Galloping Goose and Lochside Regional Trail on my long run one morning.


On the way home, we stopped at the Butterfly Gardens. We had a pleasant time watching the butterflies, birds, and tortoises amble about.


More pictures and videos from our long weekend in Victoria.

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