Hip Update

Going for a Run

It’s been 8.5 months since I broke my hip, and my recovery is progressing nicely. I’m now running three days a week and slowly increasing the distance and speed I can handle. I signed up for 2 races in the next few months to motivate me – a 10 km in March and a half marathon in May.

My hip isn’t 100% healed yet. The bone is healed, but the muscles in the area are still weak. I can feel an imbalance when I run, but I don’t notice it at any other time. Thankfully it’s not painful, and I have no trouble walking and biking. I felt stiff in the morning for the first 6 months, but that’s largely gone now.


I went curling for the first time in 5 years and could handle the lunging and stretching of my hip without any issues.

I need to keep doing my glute exercises to strengthen the area. I have a Saturday morning BootCamp with lots of squats and glute bridges to help me.

Going for a run

Maybe I’ll never return to the strength and fitness I had before, but I’m working on getting as close as possible.

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