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More Summer 2020 Photos


As previously mentioned, summer 2020 was pretty good all things considered. We managed to sneak in several more trips to the pool, Astrid played in the courtyard with her neighbours, and we had a weekend getaway to Parksville.

Jelly Fish

We spotted a jellyfish we’ll hanging out at New Brighton Park in Vancouver. I’ve never seen one in the city before.

Water Gun Fight

Astrid and the neighbours took full advantage of our building’s courtyard. It’s nice having summer fun within a few feet of our front door.

Sand Dollars Seaweed Taller Than Her

But it was also nice to get away for a weekend. We had no problem taking the ferry over to the island (everyone was wearing masks) and stayed at a great resort. It was a short trip, but we went mini golfing, collected shells and sand dollars on the beach, and splashed in the pool.

Ice Cream on Granville Island

Astrid Update

Astrid growing and talking a lot. Her new favourite word is “awkward” and she occasionally uses it correctly. She likes to make up songs. She’s obsessed with Frozen and Princess Elsa. All pretty standard stuff for a 4 year old. But the big news is she’s stopped sucking her thumb (at least during the day). We’ve been trying to get her to stop for years and have tried everything from bitter nail polish to a Nippit arm brace. But in late August she decided she was ready to give it a go, for the right price. She loves to “make a deal”.

So we used a reward chart and ramped up the difficulty each week. At first she just had to go a few hours and try hard. Then it was all day without the thumb. Then it included naps. So far, she’s received swimming goggles, nail polish, a Frozen colouring book, and a headband for rewards. There’s an Elsa dress waiting for her once she gives up the thumb at bedtime, but that’s been a lot harder to accomplish. I don’t think she’s fallen asleep without her thumb since she was 6 months old, so there’s a lot of unlearning to do there.


More pictures from August and September, and more pictures from Parksville.

Playing with the baby

Goodbye summer 2020.

Summer 2020 – not all bad news

Kiddy Pool

Yes, it’s a crappy summer, but let’s try to ignore all of the bad news and focus on the positives for a few minutes.

Picnic in the Park

We went camping for 4 nights in the Okanagan and we’ve had lots of opportunities to enjoy small picnics in the park with friends and family in Vancouver.

Bike Rider

Astrid is learning to bike and picking it up remarkably quickly. The balance bike definitely made learning to ride a real peddle bike easier. Based on some great advice from neighbours, we skipped training wheels and just used a scarf around her armpits to give her some extra support. But now she’s zooming along with only a little help starting and stopping. Pretty soon I’ll be going for runs with her biking next to me.

Measuring Woodworking Helper

We’ve greened our balconies with herbs, flowers, and vegetables in pots. We started too late for a big garden this year, but we constructed two large planter boxes for next summer following this design.


Astrid loved her time at the Ponderosa, but she’s been very excited to see other kids again. She spends most of her free time at home playing in the courtyard with the neighbours or begging to play in the courtyard with her neighbours. The adults are good at keeping a distance, but the kids have no such restrictions on them. With all the real kids to play with, Astrid’s imaginary friend Mayka now spends most of her time in Mexico.


Each night at 7pm, our neighbours gather for drumming in support of healthcare workers. Astrid loves it. And it’s great to see all the kids singing and drumming along, lead by a retired nurse who lives next door. Astrid is a constant fixture at Aline’s side banging her wooden spoon and plastic pail.

Daddy Day

Astrid has been happy to see her daycare friends again, but it took a few weeks to get used to being away from us. I had one drop-off in her second week when she just cried and cried. Instead of trying to force her to stay (she probably would have calmed down eventually), we had a special Daddy-Astrid day. Luckily I wasn’t too busy at work, so we went to a park, rode her peddle bike for the first time, and had a picnic lunch.

New Brighton Pool

Summer finally arrived a week ago. We’ve been beating the heat with lots of lemonade and popsicles. Last weekend we booked a “pod” at one of Vancouver’s outdoor swimming pools – New Brighton. I was hoping for something more futuristic but our pod was just a painted square on the concrete pool deck. Still, it was a very kid-friendly pool and it wasn’t too crowded.

Kiddy Pool

We also bought an inflatable pool for our balcony. It’s tiny but Astrid still loves splashing around in it.

Farmers Market Bounty

We’ve been visiting the nearby Trout Lake Farmers Market on most Saturdays. COVID rules mean you usually have to line up for 30 minutes to get in, but it’s great getting fresh local produce. We’ve been eating as many berries as we can get our hands on – buying flats of blueberries, raspberry, and strawberries. Astrid and I even picked some blackberries we found along the trail when we went for a run last weekend.

Trout Lake

I hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool and safe this summer.

More pictures from June and July.

Astrid: Summer Fun

Picnic at Kits Beach
We’ve been taking advantage of our hot, extremely dry summer with plenty of trips to the parks and beaches.

We spent one weekend up in Kamloops visiting Kelsey, Matt, and Jacob. Astrid had lots of fun playing with her cousin.


Backyard Bath

Kamloops Beach

Bullying her big cousin

We took a day-trip to Buntzen Lake to play in the sand and do a little hike.

Bucket Head

We’re lucky to have many outdoor options close to home. Hinge Park has new swings. Creekside Park has an amazing new playground. And Granville Island has a fun splash park.

Hinge Park

Little Rock Climber


Granville Island Splash Park

Astrid loves playgrounds. She’s mastered coming down slides on her stomach.

Last week we transitioned Astrid to a new daycare. Her previous care provider is going on vacation for 2 months, so we were forced to find a new spot (the joys of home-based daycare). Our new spot is a little bit farther away (10 minute bike ride) and Astrid will now be mixed in with a bunch of older kids, but we’re hoping it will be good for her development.

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