Summer is Here

Splash Park

A lot happened in June. A bevy of birthday parties, including Astrid’s 6th on the last day of school. We spent Father’s Day at a Vancouver Canadians game. I got the go-ahead to start biking again. And we finally got some warm weather.

6 Years Old

Astrid’s birthday was a big success. She was joined by 9 other kids for a musical theatre dance class. They learned a dance to a Moana song, made crafts, and ate ice cream cake.

Fathers Day 2022

For Father’s Day, we went out for brunch and spent the afternoon at the ballpark. The Vancouver Canadians won and Astrid enjoyed her first game (well she enjoyed the bouncy castle, sushi race, and cotton candy).

Strawberry Haul

We went strawberry picking and came home with a ton of fresh, juicy local berries. Now we just have to figure out what to do with them. We’ve already made a strawberry-rhubarb crisp and froze some of them.

Back on the Bike

My hip has healed up nicely and I can now resume all activities as long as they feel comfortable. I’m happy I no longer need crutches and only use hiking poles when I go out for long walks. I did my first bike trip on Wednesday and it felt good. I took it easy and only went for 10 minutes but I should be able to slowly increase the distance and exertion. I’m still not running but once I’m able to walk comfortably for long distances (I still have a limp), then I can start run-walk workouts.

First Peas

Our garden is in full bloom. We have kale and peas to eat now, beautiful flowers for us and the bees, and tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and beets for harvesting later. We even had a few ripe strawberries and raspberries but Astrid ate them all.

Balcony Garden

More photos from June.


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