Vancouver Fringe: The Best of the Pajama Men (*****)

We didn’t get to see Colossus last night. By the time we showed up it was sold out. I wasn’t too surprised, since it was recently awarded Pick of the Fringe. Considering the mediocre crowds I had seen and heard about at other Fringe shows, I was caught a bit off guard but glad too see Vancouver had some Fringe spirit.

Not to worry though, we got to see The Best of the Pajama Men – also a Pick of the Fringe. As soon as the show started, I knew I recognized the actors from the Winnipeg Fringe. I had seen them back in ’99 when they were known as Sabotage. I remember it being the best Fringe play I had ever seen.

The performance last night was top-notch. It didn’t quite live up to the memories I had of Sabotage 3, but that’s probably because time has immortalized that performance in my mind. Even still, I laughed by ass off last night. The 2-man show of Shenoah Allen and Marc Chavez effortlessly switched between characters and scenes as they willed the audience to follow them threw their twisted dreams. Even without props they made scenes come alive – like the talking horse, barfing dinosaurs, the boss with the flying mustache. They interacted with the audience, improved a bit, and were just extremely funny.

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