My Dad Is a Superhero

New FurnitureThe silence on the lj has has been deafening, but I have been keeping busy. A few weeks ago we had Boardgames and Booze Night on Beach. It was a resounding success, and we played Blokus, Carcassonne, Mafia, Taboo, and Apples 2 Apples from 7 pm until 4 in the morning. It helped restore my faith in my ability to host a good party, after the last disaster.

The 2nd car-free festival on Commercial Drive was also 2 weeks ago. It was another success although the weather was drizzly.

Ultimate is winding down. I missed parts of the last 2 games because of a sore ankle which I rolled a few weeks ago, and I’m missing our last game because of dental surgery on Monday. But there’s the end of season tournament coming up and I’ll probably spare in the Fall league.

I bought a shiny new futon. It’s pretty sweet and infinitely more comfortable than the free one we found in the basement last year, which we finally got rid of. The other piece of new furniture in our living room is an amazing book case that my dad made for me for my birthday.

Classics - Slo-Pitch ChampionsThe long weekend was a small family reunion, with my parents and Kelsey all in town. My dad was here for the 55+ slo-pitch nationals, which his team won and he was named MVP (what a super star). It was great seeing my parents and Kelsey again. It was a great visit. We were able to watch some great baseball, eat at some great restaurants, assemble a bookcase, watch the grand finale of the fireforks festival, see the Pride Parade, play bocce ball, and spend an afternoon hiking and relaxing at Lynn Canyon.

In case you missed it, Vancouver is the best city in Canada. Even if there’s a municipal strike going on. I really haven’t noticed. Most garbage isn’t being picked up, but our apartment has private pickup, so we’re not affected. I am trying to get a worm composting bin anyway, so we can cut down on our garbage output. I feel horrible whenever I throw out vegetable scraps.

I just finished reading Soon I will be Invincible by Austin Grossman. Wired gave it 9/10 and I have to agree. It was a great read. Super heroes and bad guys with personal problems. Reminded me a lot of Douglas Coupland’s writing. Now I’m finishing off the last Harry Potter book.

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