New Downtown Office

I’m overjoyed to report that I no longer work in West Vancouver. As of November 1, Pulse Energy has shiny new offices in downtown Vancouver. Having more space for our growing company is great, as is the central location and the short commute. Although I appreciated how fit I became biking close to 40 km a day, I’m much happier now with my 15 minute bike ride to work (especially with all the rain). And Emily is working a few blocks away.

The food options are so much better in downtown Vancouver. I’ve been to Nuba twice already, met the Business Objects crew at VCC, and discovered an amazing Mexican taco shop, called La Taqueria. There are so many new restaurants to try and review on my Urbanspoon account.

The company is also more social now that everyone isn’t rushing back to Vancouver at the end of the day. Last Friday a bunch of us went to the Railway Club for after-work drinks, and this Friday we had our first Board Game Night – a great success. Who knew there were so many board game geeks at a tech company?

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