Data Nerd: Transportation Expenses Updated

My 2012 post analyzing my transportation expenses is making the rounds on twitter again, so I thought I’d update the charts.
Transportation Expenses by Year Chart

Although the cost of driving in Canada has steadily risen, my transportation costs are flat. I spend $1200 a year split between car rentals, car sharing, cycling, and public transit.
Transportation Expenses by Year Pie


  1. I’m sometimes asked “how can you afford to live in Vancouver?” Or variously: “how can you afford to live in Kitsilano?” Because I don’t own and maintain a car. I would much rather spend my income on housing if I feel location improves my quality of life. Years ago, before I moved here, I paid low rent to live in suburban Florida. I also was terrified of what might go wrong with my car, since each repair and tuneup set me back hundreds of dollars. Add in the cost of insurance and gas, and I probably wasn’t saving much in ‘cheap’ suburbia compared to the ‘expensive’ neighbourhood where I now live.


  2. We haven’t done car sharing yet. And somehow haven’t found a need yet. Anyway Jack is never keen on drive much at all.

    I was in Vancouver for a few days and am now back in Calgary where there is going to be a pivotal Council vote on $9 million pilot (yea) cycle track network plan for downtown. There has been a massive campaign by the cycling committee to get support. Unprecendented for Calgary, car-dominant and sprawl place.


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