Spring Garden Update

Our garden is growing like gangbusters. Well everything except the blueberry plants.

Over the month of May, our peas have gone from tiny little plants to towering giants. We harvested our first snap peas today, and our first strawberries.

Dead Blueberry

The only thing not flourishing is our blueberry plants. I should have done some more research. It turns out that human ashes are toxic and a horrible idea to add to a planter. One of the blueberry bushes has completely dried out and the other one is half-dead. After I realized what was killing the plants, I dug them up and removed as much of the ash I could. Sprinkling my mother’s ashes in the pots was a great sentiment but unfortunately deadly for the plants.

I’ll have to buy a new blueberry bush (or maybe a raspberry this time). They can still be our memorial Baba Berry Bushes, even without her ashes.

More gardening photos.

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