Astrid and the Fairy Visitors

Astrid is five years old and loves fairies.

Astrid and the birthday fairy

So we celebrated her 5th birthday by strapping wings onto all the kids and having a visit from Tatiana, Queen of Flower Fairies. We even had a cake from Fairy Cakes (a local vegan bakery). The fairy kept the kids attention for stretches with stories and dancing, but we were in a park and they mostly just wanted to run around and play. It was the day the heatwave started, but it felt nice in the shade at Trout Lake with cold drinks and freezies.

Fairy Birthday Party

A week later, Astrid lost her first* tooth. We were eating brunch at Bad Apple when Emily demanded she stop chewing and spit out what was in her mouth. I was confused. Astrid was startled. She was eating a blueberry and Emily heard unexpected crunching noises. When she spat it out the tooth was in 4 pieces. She probably would have eaten it if Emily hadn’t noticed.
(* Technically, she knocked out her first tooth when she was 2 years old, but this is the first one that fell out naturally.)

First* Lost Tooth
Broken Tooth
Tooth bits and blueberry

That night the Tooth Fairy came and replaced her tooth bits (plus the tooth she lost when she was 2 years old) with toonies and a nice note.

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

We interviewed Astrid recently, here’s what she said:

Q: What makes you happy?

A: Joyness

Q: What makes you laugh?

A: When Daddy does grumpy faces.

Q: What are you really good at?

A: Running and jumping. And doing flips.

Q: Who is your best friend?

A: Ellie

Q: What is your favourite book?

A: Fairy ones. [Rainbow Magic series]

Q: What is something that mom always says to you?

A: I love you.

Q: What is something that daddy always says to you?

A: Do good listening … and I love you.

Q: What is your favourite TV show?

A: Paw patrol. I could watch paw patrol everyday!

Q: What is your favourite thing to eat?

A: Sushi [Note: sushi was her favourite lunch, dinner, and snack]

Q: What is your favourite thing to have for breakfast?

A: Pancakes with butter and maple syrup

Q: What is your favourite outfit?

A: Elsa dress from Let It Go

Q: What is your favourite thing to do outside?

A: Play with Ellie and find fairies

Fairy Birthday Party

This week Astrid will have her graduation from daycare. In September, she starts Kindergarten. She’s growing up fast.

Update: Photos from graduation.

Astrid Graduates from Daycare
Graduation Leap

And another lost tooth.

Lost Tooth #2

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