A Parksville Weekend

Parksville Splash Park

We’ve been lucky in coastal BC. July has been hot and dry, but the smoke from the huge numbers of forest fires hasn’t blown this way. We were able to enjoy two relaxing vacations this month – a weekend in Parksville and a camping trip to Sasquatch Provincial Park.

Beach Time

Parksville was our chance to reconnect with old friends and spend a weekend at a vacation property with a swimming pool. Astrid could have spent all weekend in the pool but she also had fun at the community park with its awesome playground and splash park. We spent a bit of time on the beach collecting shells and building sand castles, but Astrid was a bit grouchy in the sand and was convinced the crabs were going to eat her toes.


We discovered the Black Goose Inn this year, which has a nice grassy patio and serves a surprisingly tasty vegan fisch and chips.

Black Goose
Vegan fisch and chips

More Parksville photos.

Parksville Panorama

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