Being Part of a Great Community

Racing to School

When we moved into our new home 18 months ago, our top 2 criteria were a good school for Astrid and a tight-knit community to be part of. I’m happy to report that we’ve lucked out on both accounts.

First Day of Kindergarten

Astrid started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago and is loving it. She didn’t know anyone in her class on the first day (her 5 other Kindergarten friends all ended up in different classes), but she’s making new friends fast. She was the first one lined up and eager to get going on day 1. No hesitation there.

First in Line for Class on Her First Day

Our school is one of the biggest elementary schools in Vancouver. I was intimidated to see so many kids, most of them twice Astrid’s size. I’m sure she felt the same way. Luckily the older kids from our building took time to say “hi” to Astrid. There is at least 20 kids from our building that go to school together, and she gets to hang out with them at recess and at the after-school program.

Walking to School

With less COVID restrictions and high vaccine uptake, we’ve been having more big community events. We heard about these parties before we moved in, but most of them were cancelled last year. In September, we had a giant pizza party and two movie nights. The early sunsets and pleasantly warm weather make this a perfect time of year for outdoor movies. The kids all show up with sleeping blankets and bowls for popcorn. It’s great.

Movie Night at the Works

Last night, the Octoberfest celebration turned into a dance party when Balkan Shmalkan showed up. Before you knew it the whole neighbourhood was out on the street dancing.

Roving Musicians
Balkan Shmalkan Dance Party

At least 3 future tuba players were inspired last night. It was amazing. I love this community.

Young Troubadours
Future tuba players

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