Ponderosa Family Union 2022

Ponderosa Porters

In August, we spent a week in Manitoba with our large extended family. On the day we arrived there were 20 people staying at the Ponderosa, plus 8 more relatives at the farm. It was Sandy Lake Western Days, an informal family reunion, and a new family union all rolled into 5 hectic days.

Hanging on the Deck

My dad has a new partner, Julie, and it was our first time meeting her family. Julie’s kids made the trek out from BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Sweden. Everyone got along, we didn’t run out of food (there was an unlimited supply of raspberries to pick), and no one had to sleep on the floor – I’d call that a succcess.


Astrid had a blast playing with her cousins, including Harlyn who she met for the first time.


More photos from our week at the Ponderosa.



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