2022 – Year in Review


The year started with a wintry blast of snow, which was great for snowmen and tobogganing.
Astrid teaches Zombie Kidz
Gigi and Julie visited for a few days.


Spellie Dev
I made a game for kids.
Stand With Ukraine
Stand with Ukraine.


Whistler Anniversary Trip
A trip to Whistler to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary.
And Christopher’s 39th birthday with these hip ladies.


Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms in Vancouver are always a lovely sight.
New Bike
Astrid got a fancy new bike, and Emily got a new job advocating for cyclists at HUB Cycling.


Visitors and Entertainment
Christopher broke his hip.
Learning to Stand Again
The first few weeks were difficult.


Walking Astrid to School
But he was quickly back on his feet.
New LG Oven
We replaced our gas stove with an induction one.
6 Years Old
Astrid turned 6.
Strawberry Haul
Enjoying freshly picked strawberries.


Folk Fest Maing Stage
Astrid had a blast at Folk Festival.


Charging the EV
We made a cross-country road trip with an electric vehicle.
Spent a week with cousins in Manitoba.
Unleased the wild side.
Ponderosa Porters
Enjoyed our family time.
Banff Explorer
Camped in beautiful Banff.
Jasper Panorama
And even more beautiful Jasper.


School Photo 2022
Astrid started Grade 1.
Ferry Boarding
We made our longest bike trip to Bowen Island and back.
We took advantage of the extended summer weather.


Visited a Pumpkin Patch
Halloween Costumes
Got spooky for Halloween.


Glow Bowling
Gigi came to visit again, and we went glow bowling.


Emily is 40
Emily Turned 40.
Snowshoeing Birthday Party
We celebrated with a snowshoeing trip with family and friends.
Beautiful at 40
Stunningly beautiful and wiser with age.
Snowy Sidewalks
The year ended like it began – with a big winter storm.
New Board Games
We’ll be spending our Christmas break playing our new board games.

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