Data Nerd: Mapping America’s EV Chargers

Following up on my data visualization exercise assessing the fast charging capabilities in Canada, I updated my code to run the same analysis for the USA’s Interstate Highway System.

There are a few big gaps, but the network is pretty complete along the east and west coasts. The biggest gaps appear to be:

  • I-20 from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi
  • I-29 in South Dakota
  • I-90 in South Dakota and Montana
  • I-94 through Montana
  • All of West Virginia

I also updated the interactive map if you’re looking for a version you can zoom in on.

The hardest part of creating an American version of this was finding a good Interstate Highway dataset. I didn’t like the one provided by Luckily the Wikipedia entry on Interstate Highways had a collection of geojson files I could use with some small tweaks.

Just like my analysis in Canada, the maps above are only looking at CCS charging infrastructure. But for comparison, here is the map using Telsa’s supercharger network. It is interesting to see how they’ve made a concerted effort to ensure full coverage along all the interstate highways. There are some long stretches between chargers in the midwest, but almost all interstate highways are drivable with Telsa’s superchargers.

My code is online if you’re curious about how I made the maps above.

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