1st Day of Work

Tuesday was my first day of work. It was my first subway ride during rush hour. The tube was packed with men and women in suits. It was hot, standing room only, and smelled of sweat, perfume, and after shave. Almost everyone got off at Canary Wharf. When I saw all the buildings I almost lost my breath.

Canary Wharf is amazing. All brand new buildings of glass and brick, nestled within docks that now have fountains and parks interspersed between them.

I think Morgan Stanley will be a fine place to work. Everyone seems to put in long hours, but they don’t work super hard (although they just shipped, so it’s a bit of a lull right now). All my coworkers are very friendly. It’s weird seeing techies in dress clothing.

My first day was a setup day – computer accounts, security pass, etc.. My second day was an introduction to the product and the business. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get started on my first project.

Today we had a fire alarm. A voice came on over the intercom telling people “there is a fire in the building. please stay where you are until you hear further instructions”. I expected we would have to evacuate. But nope. We all had a good chuckle about that. I guess with traders in the building they only evacuate when it’s completely necessary.

My workstation is awesome – dual Xeon 2.8 Ghz, with 2 GB of RAM and 2 18″ flatscreen monitors. Sweet. The whole floor is low cubicles, so you can see everyone elses heads and monitors – it really discourages loafing.

There’s a really nice cafeteria in the building with subsidized food for employees. Although even then it’s expensive, but the food is amazing quality.


  1. I completely agree about Canary Wharf. the area was amazing. I was pretty impressed. it was so different from the rest of the city. I really liked the signs/posters outside of the station. there’s one of a Chinese soldier yawning. hehehe. My brother liked the stock ticker. I think that’s what it’s called…..


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