Marriage’s Silver Lining

Parents On the TubeMy parents have one of the most loving relationship’s I have ever witnessed. They are affectionate in public, in a way that only now is cute. They playfully make fun of each other. I only remember one serious fight – my parents were yelling and my mom drove off in the van for a few hours to cool off. In retrospect, it wasn’t that bad, but as as 12 year old I remember being terrified and having to console a blubbering younger sister. They spend a lot of time together, but have their own friends and interests. And they’ve always been supportive of each other and my sisters and I. They are the best role models I could have had and I owe my existence to them.

Saturday was my parents 25th wedding anniversary and as fate would have it they were in Vancouver on a layover before jetting off to Mexico. We spent the day together catching up, seeing some Vancouver sights, and I treated them to an anniversary lunch and dinner.

Highlights of the visit:
– Lunch with Emily at Foundation – a revolutionary, hippy, vegetarian restaurant on Main.
– Relaxing in my apartment, talking, drinking acai berry smoothies, and playing Blokus – my dad kicked butt.
– Walking down the seawall and having a seal follow us for several blocks. I’ve never seen seal in Vancouver, but this one kept swimming parallel to us and popping his head up to watch us.
– Dinner at Relish – very tasty food and we got free dessert and port because it was my parents anniversary and Kerry know’s the maître de.
Anniversary Ring  Anniversary Lunch  Dad's Lunch


  1. How was the prius? Did it have the cool tv screen that shows you where your power is coming from?
    You have Blokus!? Is it a fun game? I’ve seen it in the stores and it looks neat, but I’ve never played it.


    • The Prius was amazing. It had the cool tv screen which was super distracting. I kept fiddling with the settings and adjusting my driving to minimize fuel consumption. Overall, I put about 75 km on it and averaged 5.8 L / 100 km. Pretty good fuel efficiecy for city driving.
      Blokus is my favourite board game of all time. Roxie introduced my family to it. Then my parents bought a copy. Now I bought myself a copy. It’s really fun. People who love Tetris and geometrical puzzles are usually really good at it.


  2. Silver Anniversary
    Don’t remember that fight. Perhaps that’s the secret to 25 years of marriage…. a short memory. Or perhaps its just old age creaping up on me. I look 80 in that picture, looks like I packed my bags (under my eyes) for the trip.
    Thanks Christopher for a wonderful time in Vancouver and all the chauffeuring. Lunch and dinner were awesome. Love your apartment. Luckily for us, parents get the bed, which was very comfy. For the futon, better bring a foamy.
    I concur, the Prius was awesome. Rode like a dream with loads of space. We had packed to the max to try and move Christopher’s room at home to Vancouver and was sure we would have trouble getting the stuff in. However, there was lots of room to spare.
    Great to meet Emily.
    Mom & Dad
    PS. What do you mean I claim to have lost my wedding ring??? I did get married, I have the pictures to prove it. And I’m sure the ring is around somewhere. I love the new ring, perhaps I will keep it on for more than 5 years.


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